About Us

About EnergyObjective - A Full Service Energy Broker

What is EnergyObjective?

EnergyObjective is the full-service natural gas and electricity broker and consultant division of Shipley Energy. We began brokering electricity in 2009 under the Shipley Energy name, and in 2014 rebranded to become EnergyObjective. The new brand allows us to better align our vision and actions with those of a top-tier procurement company. We are a comprised of a team of dedicated, enthusiastic employees with decades of energy and customer service experience.

We want to help you navigate the increasingly murky world of natural gas and electricity shopping, and do so in a way that is transparent, upright, helpful, and effective.

What Makes Us Different?

In an industry as saturated and cutthroat as the deregulated energy market, it can be difficult for customers to tell the good players from the bad. At EnergyObjective, we want to know: “What’s Your Objective?” Do you want to be heavily involved in the shopping process, or only contacted once a year? Is price the most important thing in your world, or are contract language and supplier reputation your highest priority? Are you looking for someone who can assist with utility issues, meter discrepancies, and market updates? Are you looking to earn additional revenue through Demand Response programs, or market your company as 100% green? Once we know and understand your needs and wants, EnergyObjective is more than equipped to serve them.

How Can We Help You?

We’d love the opportunity to speak with the energy decision-maker at your company to determine if EnergyObjective is a good fit. Please contact us at (888) 470-6301 for a candid conversation with no pressure or obligation.