Benefits of EnergyObjective

Customized Shopping Experience

Perhaps you enjoy the process of shopping for energy and want to be involved in every step of the process — or maybe you just want to look at your electricity and natural gas contracts for five minutes every two years. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, we can help. We offer Traditional Closed Bids, Reverse Auctions, and Name Your Price programs. We can assist with in-depth contract negotiations or provide a standardized product. We can fix a rate or tie it to an index. Our objective is to provide exactly what you’re looking for in the energy-shopping process in a professional, efficient, cost-effective way.

Utility Assistance

Never call the utility or your supplier on your own. Let us facilitate a 3-way conversation until all parties have reached a resolution. Your energy problems are never yours to bear alone with EnergyObjective.

Meter Reading

For customers who receive a frustrating amount of estimated reads, we will read the meter and report it to the utility each month.

Market Updates

We provide bi-weekly market updates to all customers but will also provide individualized updates as requested to fit your needs.

Bill Review and Savings Updates

We are happy to review your bills periodically for accuracy and clarity. We can also prepare a mid-contract analysis to update you with how much money you’ve saved so far versus your local utility.

Professional Responsiveness

Ever try to call your energy broker after the sale, only to find they’ve vanished into thin air? With EnergyObjective, you have an assigned rep that you can reach directly. We are available for any questions or concerns both during and after the sale. We can even visit in-person in one business day if needed. We are intent on keeping your business and showing customers what true leadership and commitment in the energy business looks like.

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of working with EnergyObjective, give us a call at (888) 470-6301.