Electricity Procurement

Electric deregulation has given commercial and industrial users a host of choices for their energy procurement. Unfortunately, the process can be time-consuming, complicated, and fraught with blind corners, suspicious characters, and offers that sound (and often are) too good to be true. In many states, deregulation has long since left its infancy and yet many of these issues continue to plague business owners and their staff.

Our team specializes in the procurement of electricity. Driven by your company’s objectives, we will work to tailor a procurement plan that meets your needs and your budget. We can:

  • Listen to gain an understanding of your objective – risk management, lowest price, budget planning, due diligence – your objective dictates how and when we move forward.
  • Shop for your business’s electricity supply with our cache of over twenty well-vetted and trusted suppliers.
  • Review and negotiate contract language to meet your needs/priorities.
  • Provide insightful market updates to you as needed via email, phone or in person.
  • Mediate administrative/billing/meter reading errors on your behalf with your utility.
  • Initiate the shopping process months before your current contract is due to expire, locking in future pricing when the timing is right to ensure continued savings.

Whether you use 100,000 kWh a year or 100,000,000; whether you want weekly, in-depth updates on the rapidly changing energy market or merely want to get electricity procurement off your desk – we can help. We begin with a single question to you: What’s your objective?

Closed Bid

The Closed Bid process allows Energy Objective’s procurement team to do what it does best. After identifying your company’s goals and properties, we work with our many suppliers to find the best offerings available to meet your needs. As a customer, you can be as involved as you’d like in the process.


Offered exclusively through EnergyObjective, PriceObjective® is a service that allows you, the consumer, to choose your own price for electricity. Suppliers then compete to match this price on your terms – and once they do, the deal is done. PriceObjective®turns the electricity-shopping landscape on its head and puts all of the power in your hands.


Reverse Auction

A Reverse Auction is the best option for organizations who value taking a greater hand in the procurement process and are looking for increased transparency. In an auction, supply companies bid against each other in real time to drive rates lower. Terms, products, and special contract conditions are discussed before the auction takes place, creating a transparent environment tailored to your needs. Customers are never required to sign a contract upon the completion of the auction and are free of any obligation.