Natural Gas Procurement

While natural gas typically has fewer available suppliers than electricity, proper differentiation is critical. Contract language and supplier reputation are extremely important because pass-through charges are all-too-common and natural gas is more often an “apples versus oranges” game than electricity.

EnergyObjective is here to act as a guiding hand in regards to your company’s natural gas procurement choices. We work with top-tier natural gas suppliers to provide supply pricing for our customers, and also evaluate the offers for differences in volume, units, bandwidth, balancing, emergency procedures and potential extra charges. There’s often a good reason one supplier is $2.00 per dekatherm less than another, and we work hard to put everyone on an even playing field. After the sale we provide bill auditing, utility assistance, market updates and timely renewal pricing.

Getting started is easy – all we need is a recent bill copy and a current contract end date.

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