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Why is PriceObjective® a superior way to procure energy?

What is PriceObjective®?

PriceObjective ® is a service offered exclusively through EnergyObjective that empowers businesses to contract for electricity supply at a “Price You Choose.” You name the price and terms – your PriceObjective® – and EnergyObjective finds a way.

How does PriceObjective® work?

  • Customer chooses a price and acceptable contract terms for electric supply.
  • EnergyObjective assumes the customer’s entire shopping and contracting process for a limited time, strictly adhering to the price and guidelines provided by the customer.
  • EnergyObjective shops on customer’s behalf.
  • Once the PriceObjective® has been met, the price is captured and the contract automatically executed.
  • Celebrate! You’ve met your price goal and EnergyObjective did the work for you.

When should I begin the PriceObjective® process?

NOW! Whether your current contract ends in 6 or 36 months, allowing more time to capture the right market conditions will better your chance of getting the exact price you’re looking for. Energy markets are volatile and the flexibility of PriceObjective® allows you to change your goal at any time. The sooner the better!

Is my company a good candidate for PriceObjective®?

The answer is YES if any of the following are true:

  1. I know pricing opportunities can be fleeting but can be difficult to reach if a contract needs to be signed that day. I’d prefer to set my price and forget about it.
  2. Energy salespeople are always telling me “NOW is the time to sign!” – but I understand that this is simply not always true. I need a broker who waits until the market timing is best, rather than pressuring me to get it done now.
  3. I want the power to set my price, but don’t want to spend several weeks or months of my valuable time chasing it.
  4. I only want to commit if you can reach the price I choose.