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I have been a Shipley Energy and EnergyObjective customer since 2008. A few years back, Tim Booth took over our commercial accounts. I am very happy that Tim is on our side all the time. I have never met anyone who can provide customer service the way he does. We are in the hospitality business owning several hotels and a sports complex so we know what customer service means. Tim is not just finding us the best deal but also audits our invoices to make sure the rates are correct, helps us in understanding the market, and works through the complex contracts for us. He is always a supportive and very knowledgeable fellow. We have saved money in the six figures so far. We will always stick to our favorite company and especially our great friend Tim. I truly thank Tim Booth for the best help we can get for all energy needs.

No one else can give the best rates and services like EnergyObjective. Crowne Plaza Harrisburg, Lancaster Host Resort and The Coliseum wish you the best.
The Crowne Plaza, Harrisburg, PA

Kalpesh Vakil - The Crowne Plaza, Owner - Also, the Lancaster Host, and the Coliseum Entertainment MegaPlex

We’ve used EnergyObjective to secure pricing through an electricity auction. I appreciate their responsiveness to questions and details on market conditions. Also, when billing issues need to be resolved, EnergyObjective handles this communication for us but includes me in the discussions on a daily basis.
Specialty Industries, Baltimore, MD

Kevin Wood - Specialty Industries and Nupak Printing, Baltimore, MD

My favorite thing about EnergyObjective is working with a local, well-respected company. They look out for us by contacting us about renewal rates when the market is low, rather than waiting until my contract has ended and I’m out of time.
Tri-Boro Construction Supplies

Glenn Rexroth -Tri-Boro Construction Supplies, Dallastown, PA

I’ve been working with Shipley (EnergyObjective) since 2010 to procure my electricity supply in two utilities. Over four Met-Ed contracts, every price has been lower than the last. My rep audits my bills after each new contract, alerts me when the market is low, and makes the contracting process painless. He’s also available for any utility question I have, whether or not it’s about my supply contract. If you’re looking for a professional, courteous, hard-working energy partner, you can go pretty far with EnergyObjective.

The Crowne Plaza, Harrisburg, PA

Brent Halpin - Maple Press, Manager Human Resources, Purchasing, Transportation

My reps at EnergyObjective have taken care of my electricity purchasing needs since the Pennsylvania rate caps were lifted. Since then, they’ve saved me over $170,000 versus my local utilities. They help me navigate through billing issues and location changes and are always responsive and professional. The team at EnergyObjective works hard at what they do and are good at it.

D. Michael Weaver - Isaac’s Restaurants, President/CEO

TecPort Partners elected to do its most recent electric supply shopping through EnergyObjective, utilizing their impressive reverse auction platform. The company was able to exceed our expectations and lock in our PPL supply at a pleasantly low 18-month price. We saw wide supplier participation, a competitive back-and-forth bidding process, and complete transparency from start to finish. The contracting process was smooth and there were no surprises. The guidance provided by the reps at EnergyObjective regarding the auction process, market timing, contract lengths, and general electricity knowledge was helpful and appreciated. We at TecPort Partners would recommend the EnergyObjective reverse auction for any electricity user looking for straight talk, competitive pricing, and overall ease in the process.

Carol Jo Bevans - TecPort Partners, L.P., Commercial Controller

The reps at EnergyObjective have helped me save more than $410,335 dollars on my electric supply since the start of 2010. They have also helped me procure Demand Response payments from PJM of more than $77,000 over a six-year period. The service I have received from EnergyObjective has been personal and professional, and I feel like they have the best interests of my company in mind. It is for this reason that I have signed with them for electricity through 2021.
The Crowne Plaza, Harrisburg, PA

Mike Weaver - Weaver Markets, Owner