Why use an Energy Broker?

Here’s how EnergyObjective can help.

Save you time

In most cases, all we ask for from the customer is the completed letter of authorization and recent, complete bill copies. The rest we handle ourselves. This allows the customer to have suppliers compete on price while they continue running their business.

Offer in-depth knowledge and experience

Sorting through the confusion of the various utilities’ bills can be a daunting task, and generally understanding the terms and nuances of this market and the various pricing structures is important. EnergyObjective knows the industry and has done very well keeping our customers informed and saving them money on their electricity bills.

Customize your shopping experience to fit your needs

The customer may choose a traditional closed paper-bid process a reverse auction. They may be heavily involved or let us do all the work. We can turn a price around in as little as an hour or take months to wait for the best possible timing. We are in it for the marathon, not the sprint, and we know that taking care of the customer in a way that makes them comfortable will help us keep that customer for a long time.

Provide competitive pricing, even compared to direct suppliers

Dealing directly with a supplier means dealing with a sales rep who, in most cases, has hard quotas to meet and is looking to maximize the dollars earned on each deal. The easiest way to increase the dollars they bring in is to put excessive amounts of commission on each deal, driving up the price considerably. It is conceivable that the customer will assume this is a fair price and take the deal, resulting in big money for the rep and no accountability if the customer realizes later that the price was not competitive. When it comes time to renew, it is very common for non-shopped suppliers to put considerably more commission on an existing customer’s price. Having a broker like EnergyObjective who is looking out for the customer would help make sure that if the incumbent’s renewal price isn’t fair, someone else can provide a more competitive quote.

Protect you from the substandard suppliers

Whether they are brokers working out of their basements or reps working for actual suppliers, the sad fact is that there are dishonest salespeople out there who see the confusion and uncertainty of this market and look to capitalize on it at the customer’s expense. They have no problem lying about whether a price includes GRT, tacking on extremely high commission amounts, exposing customers with language barriers to contracts they do not understand, making up lies about their competition, and generally saying and doing anything to get the sale done quickly and with as much commission as possible. The people that EnergyObjective deals with at each company are not such people. We believe strongly in our supplier relations, and our suppliers take care of us and our customers. If a deal ever does begin to look precarious for the customer, we do not pursue it and simply look to our other suppliers.

Give customer service that extends beyond the sale

We are available for billing concerns or general questions and will happily talk to a supplier on the customer’s behalf. While we may not necessarily be the ones making the decisions in customer/supplier or customer/utility discussions, we can certainly help clarify matters and provide information where possible. We are also happy to do a mid-contract savings analysis upon request or generally give advice about the power business. We will even read meters for customers who are struggling with excessive estimated reads. Whatever the customer’s pain is, there’s a pretty good chance we can address it.

Offer additional services

We can offer up to 100% wind-generated renewable power, Demand Response, and residential electricity for your employees. We can even customize a residential program and include referral benefits. When you think electricity, we want you to think EnergyObjective.

Please visit our Benefits page for a full list of our many customer benefits.